Today we are going to work on supporting our thesis statements with a well structured analytical paragraph.  The thesis statement is actually the first part of the paragraph–and the rest of the paragraph is used to prove and analyze your idea.

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Reading response: How does use of imagery affect the plot/setting/tone/mood of Boys Without Names?

Once you have completed your reading response (in one of our new analytical paragraph formats!!), you’ll do a 2 minute proofread.  Remember we’re working on capitalization, punctuation, and spell check.  Then COLOR CODE your paragraph according to our new structure.  By color coding, you’ll do a little self-check on your paragraph structure.  Your point/thesis/idea & development should be in green, your proof/evidence should be in pink, and your comment/analysis & summary should be in purple.

Then turn and talk with your newly assigned partner about your ideas.  Give each other genuine feedback.

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Before you leave the class, write on the sticky note I give you to discuss how your work with your partner went.  What went well?  What didn’t go so well?  Would you like to continue to work with this person?  Who else might you like to work with?