Womp womp….so we didn’t get to our narratives…AGAIN!  Some of us discussed the situation in Syria, and all of us discussed the power of mirror neurons and the effect they have had on the evolution of how executions take place.  All good stuff!  And lots of ’cause and effect’ in there.  But still, NOT narratives.  So today is ALL about the narrative.  Here’s what we missed yesterday and need to catch up on today:

Mini-lesson: NOW we’re getting to the narrative.  Today we’ll be focusing on using our research and background knowledge of the industrial revolution to revise our narratives for descriptive writing.

Writing Partner Work: Share your pieces with one another and focus on providing genuine, specific, and USEFUL feedback.

And here’s what I’m adding in:

IRT/IWT: You have the rest of class to workshop these bad boys (your narratives, that is).  Here’s the link again to the assignment and here’s the link to the rubric that will be used to assess it.  I will be working with individual students today during this time.  REMINDER: When I am with a student, he/she is my world. Make use of your writing partners today!