Happy Monday!

Here’s what’s on tap today:

Read Aloud: The Outsiders finish ch. 6

  • lens: relationships

Mini-Lesson: Big ideas–Thesis statements or Summaries?

In your reader’s notebooks I noticed that many of your are bouncing between writing really great summaries and actual thesis statements for your “big ideas” at the end of your reading rituals.  While summarizing is a very useful and important skill, right now our work is focused on crafting thesis statements.  Today we’re going to work on identifying the difference between a summarizing statement and a thesis statement.  We’ll use our Thesis Checklist to help us.


Reader’s Workshop:

Today during workshop, I’m going to work with you individually and in small groups to target some areas of improvement in your RRRs.  At the start of workshop, I want you to touch base with your reading partner to set a plan for your workshop time.  Head’s up: you need to have an RRR about your independent reading book done by the end of class tomorrow.  You can start this today or tomorrow, but it needs to be done tomorrow by the end of class.