You DID it!  You finished the first unit of study.  WOOHOO!!

Okay, now we need to get back to work.  🙂  Today you are going to work on your learning habits reflection that I pushed out to you in your Humanities 8 folders.  This is important work, so don’t rush through it.  Really think about how you exhibited these behaviors.

We will finish class with an introduction to our new unit, Power and Change.  In this unit we will focus on the idea of cause and effect–exploring it through the lens of the Industrial Revolution and (one of its effects) immigration.  I urge you to explore the section of our library dedicated to novels that support our social studies themes.  I think you’ll find that there are some pretty amazing books in that section this unit!  Today we’re going to kick off with identifying the essential questions of the unit, doing some book talks, and watching John Green’s World History Crash Courses on the Agricultural Revolution–because the industrial revolution would never have happened without the agricultural revolution happening first! (How’s THAT for cause and effect?!)

Essential Questions:


  • How can readers learn from mentor texts?
  • How can readers dig for deeper meaning in complex texts?
  • How can an author’s craft create powerful writing?

SS For the Quarter:

  • Why does change happen?
  • How does power and change impact individuals?
  • How does power and change impact the world?
  • Did Industrialization help the world?
  • Why do people move?