Today we’re going to start with a meditation.  You read right; a meditation!  We’re going to take a few minutes to visualize our videos as individuals.  We live and learn in a fast paced, high intensity environment.  This can be great for getting things done in a short period of time (like I’m expecting you to do with your documentaries).  We know that when we experience eustress (the good kind of stress, right health class kiddos??), it kicks up adrenaline and we can get a lot done.  But if we don’t balance that adrenaline, it can turn into distress (the bad kind of stress).  So this morning we’re going to slow things down just for a few minutes, step back from the nitty gritty of researching and getting things done, and visualize the big picture.  What do you want your video to look like, sound like, feel like?  Because, ultimately, this is what is most important.  The details are how we accomplish this–but we can’t accomplish it without knowing what it is.

Ahhhhh…doesn’t that feel better?  Okay.  Now it’s go time.  Have a chat with your partners about what you visualized.  We’re going to use a speaking protocol in order to make sure all ideas are heard.  Each person gets 2 minutes to talk.  NO ONE ELSE is aloud to speak during this time.  Then each person will have 30 seconds to ask clarifying questions.  I highly recommend you take notes during this process.

Now you need to start dividing up duties.  You need a script done by the end of the day.  If you don’t, you want get my feedback before you begin recording in the recording studio tomorrow!! Who is going to be the primary scriptwriter?  Who is going to research for information from modern day?  The industrial revolution?  Who is going to find pictures?  Is someone going to start working on the storyboard?

Tomorrow and Wednesday each group will have a chance to meet with Siddharth in the recording studio.  You will have two sessions with Siddharth.  This week’s sessions are to get preliminary recordings (get as much as you can!!) so that you have a basic soundtrack for your video to build on.  Next week, you will make changes and record any new recordings that are missing.

Now get to work!!

Tip: Organize your notes in NoodleTools using the outline function.  This will really help you craft your script in a way that is organized and flowing.