Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are almost here!  This opens up an opportunity for us to make some of our reflection visible.  Look back across this mini-unit we have just completed, puzzle over these questions and post your responses to your personal blogs:

  1.  How did you grow as a writer while crafting your This I Believe podcast?
  2.  Look at the feedback people gave you on your area of focus.  What do you notice about the feedback? Is this something you feel pretty solid on?  Still room to grow?
  3. This was a formative assessment, designed entirely for you to dive deeper into the genre of podcasts and to work on your writing.  As we move towards our summative podcast, what, specifically, do you want to work on as a writer and a speaker?
  4. This unit we have been talking about perseverance a lot.  How do you think you did with your perseverance this unit?  What makes you say that?

Create a new post on your blog.  The category should be Humanities 6 and you should tag it as PTSC, goals, podcasts, informational-writing, speaking