We are heading into our study of informational writing and I am really excited to see how much you already know about informational writing so that I can plan out the unit.  In order to do this, I need to get an idea of where you are right now. Over the next two days, you are going to research and write the best informational text that teaches others interesting and important information and ideas about your topic. During the first day (today), you are going to be able to choose your research topic and begin to research and plan for your writing. Tomorrow, you can use your research and plan to write the best informational text that you can. Please keep in mind that you will have two forty-five minute sessions, so you’ll need to research, plan, draft, revise and edit in two sittings.

Remember, you’re trying to show everything you know about informational writing. You may use your iPad and any other writing tools, like a dictionary, you find around the classroom.

In your writing, make sure you:

 Write an introduction.

 Elaborate with a variety of information.

 Organize your writing.

 Use transition words and phrases.

 Write a conclusion



We have provided you with the texts you should use to research this cold write. Please choose one topic to research and write about.