Before we stepped out of our informational reading and writing in honor of Ralph Fletcher’s visit (how awesome was he, BTW?!!?), we were digging into understanding the world’s ancient civilizations.  With all of that knowledge and learning as our foundation, we’re going to fast forward through history to the present.  We have studied pre-civilization and the beginnings of civilization.  Now it’s time to look at the current state of affairs and ask: so what?  In this next unit, you will be puzzling over two questions:

  • How are the developments of civilization both gifts and curses?
  • How do we tell the story of history?

You will choose one development of civilization and explore all of the ways it is both a gift and a curse to the world.  Then you’re going to write and produce a podcast about it!  And it’s up to YOU how you tell the story of history.  What story do you want to tell about weapons as a gift and curse in our world?  What story do you want to tell about democracy as a gift and curse in modern society? What story do you want to tell about social hierarchy?

Remember, it is important that you write something that you would want to read/listen to.  Look for evidence of nonfiction in your everyday life.  What informational reading do you choose to do? What can you steal from those authors?  How do you want to tell this story?