So today and tomorrow we are going to really work on wrapping our heads around the big idea we are trying to convey.  And this will take shape in the form of us organizing and processing our research thus far.  Today I want to show you a few ways that we can begin to sort through and process our research and guide how we proceed.  The first thing that is super duper important is that we make sure we have our eyes on the prize: the big topic.  Take a look at this example of tracing a big topic through history!

Another thing I want to turn your attention to is the use of graphic organizers.  You have now been presented with TWO graphic organizers.  One is found on Google Classroom.  I HIGHLY recommend you use it to organize your notes.  Here’s an example.

On Monday and Tuesday or next week I am going to have an extended conference with each of you.  You need to be prepared to discuss the gifts and curses of your big topic, as well as how your little topic shows those gifts and curses.