Whew!  We’re almost there!!  Just two more days.  So with those days, I want to make sure we’ve got a strong handle on what we’re creating for this podcast.

Today we’re going to focus on finessing our big ideas and goal setting for revision of our flashdrafts.  Making sure we provide ourselves with a roadmap to our podcast.  You should all have both big ideas and flash drafts ready to go at this point.  Now it’s time to cross reference the two–do they match up?  It is important that our big ideas are previews of the rest of the writing.  so if they don’t match up, we need to take a look at both the big idea and the flash draft and ask ourselves: “What am I really trying to say here?”

Over the next two days, I want to try to touch base with everyone about their work.  So that means, when I’m working with someone, they are my world.

We’ve slacked off on Independent Writing and Writing Club.  How do you feel about starting back up with it when we get back from spring break?

Hmmmm…I think that’s it for now.