My name is Courtney Al Moreno and I LOVE teaching Middle School. More specifically, I love teaching 7th grade. Of any grade I might choose from, 7th grade is my absolute favorite. I love the transition the kids’ brains are going through, the social dynamics (read: hormones), and the push towards independence.

I also am the Middle School Literacy Specialist/Coach. I have the distinct pleasure of working with teachers on getting even better than they already are at meeting the literacy needs of all of our wonderful students.

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington and have lived overseas my entire adult life. I moved to Muscat, Oman to teach at The American International School of Muscat just after graduating from college at age 22. I met my amazing husband while teaching there and we moved to New Delhi just one week after we got married back in 2012.

Zach teaches Middle School Spanish right across the hall from me–so we see each other more than any married couple I know, and it’s magical. We have two small children, Zimri (5) and Shanti (4). We spend our evenings and weekends reading, writing, creating, and making all kinds of mistakes to learn from. We love exploring New Delhi and all of India any chance we get.

I coach Middle School and High School girls volleyball, and I work with students on making costumes for our school plays. So if I’m not in my classroom or with my family, you can find me in the gym or the makerspace.