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Finding the Center of our Heart’s Geography

Yep, it’s as touchy-feely as it sounds!  We are about a week into our second unit of the year and the kids are just starting their own writing for this unit study.  In this unit we explore the five themes… Continue Reading →

Welcome to the new school year!

Dear class and parents, Welcome to the new school year! I am so excited to learn with and from you this year. In 7th grade Humanities we explore the theme of connections through social studies, reading, writing, speaking and listening…. Continue Reading →

Sticky post

This week we are going to dig into OPVLs with some direct instruction and purposeful practice.  We will continue looking for analogous relationships between characters in Harry Potter and populations in modern society.  Additionally, we will begin exploring possible topics… Continue Reading →

Lessons for your Targeted Revision

Hey guys, Here’s a bundle of stuff for you to use while I’m gone.  First, the link to the LORE: The Bloody Pit podcast.  You can find the transcript on GoogleClassroom along with another reading you will use as a mentor… Continue Reading →

Getting geared up for spring break

Whew!  We’re almost there!!  Just two more days.  So with those days, I want to make sure we’ve got a strong handle on what we’re creating for this podcast. Today we’re going to focus on finessing our big ideas and… Continue Reading →

Well hey there, researchers

Yesterday I talked to you guys about the fact that what we’re doing right now is sophisticated stuff.  It is.  This is high level thinking we’re asking you to do this unit.  And because it’s so high level, I feel comfortable holding… Continue Reading →

Wrapping our Heads Around the Big Idea

So today and tomorrow we are going to really work on wrapping our heads around the big idea we are trying to convey.  And this will take shape in the form of us organizing and processing our research thus far…. Continue Reading →

Gifts or Curses?

Before we stepped out of our informational reading and writing in honor of Ralph Fletcher’s visit (how awesome was he, BTW?!!?), we were digging into understanding the world’s ancient civilizations.  With all of that knowledge and learning as our foundation,… Continue Reading →

Informational Writing Diagnostic Cold Write

We are heading into our study of informational writing and I am really excited to see how much you already know about informational writing so that I can plan out the unit.  In order to do this, I need to… Continue Reading →

Gearing up for PTSCs

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are almost here!  This opens up an opportunity for us to make some of our reflection visible.  Look back across this mini-unit we have just completed, puzzle over these questions and post your responses to your personal blogs:… Continue Reading →

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