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"Maybe some people are just meant to be in the same story." -I'll Give You The Sun



Getting geared up for spring break

Whew!  We’re almost there!!  Just two more days.  So with those days, I want to make sure we’ve got a strong handle on what we’re creating for this podcast. Today we’re going to focus on finessing our big ideas and… Continue Reading →

Gifts or Curses?

Before we stepped out of our informational reading and writing in honor of Ralph Fletcher’s visit (how awesome was he, BTW?!!?), we were digging into understanding the world’s ancient civilizations.  With all of that knowledge and learning as our foundation,… Continue Reading →

Gearing up for PTSCs

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences are almost here!  This opens up an opportunity for us to make some of our reflection visible.  Look back across this mini-unit we have just completed, puzzle over these questions and post your responses to your personal blogs:… Continue Reading →

What do you believe?

“What would you say in five hundred words to capture a core principle that guides your life?  Can you name the belief that underlies your actions? In the discovered truths of your experience, what abides?” -Jay Allison This week we… Continue Reading →

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